Yoite and Miharu


Yoite and Miharu

tomorrow isn’t coming


I feel rich.

Once you get this, you must share 5 things that make you feel happy ヾ(^-^)ノ then pass to your 10 favorite blogs (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ Spread the smiles!

Ahhhh, you <3 These types of chains are good for the soul!

1. Pets, particularly bunnies. I’ll get a bit rambly here and say that when I adopted Augustus almost a year ago (Aug. 5!), I had been wanting another rabbit for almost two years. Now, when I’m down, the best medicine lately has been to let him out. He’s bonded a lot with the cat and my parents’ and brother’s dogs. If I get down on the floor, I’m usually surrounded by at least three animals in no time, often more, wanting to play with me and with each other or request petting. It’s true happiness. I can’t wait to introduce another dog again, ‘cos…Augustus never stops playing, and he loves to meet new people and animals. He seems to have brought every animal together. It’s a neat experience.

2. Getting all sorts of writing inspiration and being able to write it down like I’m possessed by muses. :D

3. Video games - mainly JRPGs.

4. Reading good books, including comics/manga. I tend to pick up a lot of books, and unlike shows or movies, I feel obligated to finish what I start, so I suffer through a lot that aren’t that great. So when something comes along that’s great, it’s an amazing experience. This applies to video games as well, but any story that captivates me and can make me feel something is special.

5. Friends! I could go into tl;dr emotional gushing about how people actually like me and do too much for me, and how I’m too SHOCKED to always know how to communicate my feelings of appreciation, but…I’m overwhelmed by all of my close friends and what you all do for me. I stop and say I’m lucky at least once a day, even when I’m having a really shitty day. Because some of you are always there. You have sensors on me or something. :’) Anyway, you make me happy. (I hope) You know who you are!

Okay, earthquakes are just a common thing in Wichita these days. They’re pretty little. But I was on the second floor and this was a 4.3 and I was trying to sleep, so it was a little jolting. xD

I don’t think I should be allowed to talk to anyone when I haven’t slept in a while and I get hyperactive

While complaining about published books using ‘ok’ and ‘O.K.’ instead of ‘okay’…I had the following conversation through PMs with plutiespark :

Me: "i’m ok with that"

Mairi: sounds like a p / o / r / n / o *

I should try to get that released
I always told myself I should go into the p / o / r / n / o * industry

Mairi: Tornado Cowboy will be the greatest p / o / r / n / o * career premier ever

Me: "Gay cowboy is drunk in Oklahoma and wrangles himself a dick, but it’s just a tornado"

*slashed ‘cos of fucking certain accounts that would follow me or like this post, and they probably will anyway???

Someone: “I bought your book.”

Me: “I’m sorry.”

I’m afraid they’ll read it and find it dreadful, and then I’ll feel REALLY BAD.

A friend of mine said it was okay to type up information about each and every one of my stories so I could open up about them and maybe get ideas to keep me going. Another friend said she would also like to read this when I’ve finished typing it up.

My question is, would anyone else be interested in me posting them? I’d do it story by story. Maybe one a day?

me: -writes fic with well developed characters, friendship, world building, and plot-
the fandom: ...
me: -writes shitty drabble where two boys kiss-
the fandom: 500 notes, fanart, followers




He dreams, sometimes, of a place where his powers would bring delight, recognition instead of greed and horror, where he could play with the currents and make people smile.

<3 <3 <3 

You have his character and situation down perfectly. ;-; And I still feel slightly guilty for requesting this (though I think you know I throw ideas at you, and you can take or leave them, depending on what inspires you, and that’s all they are, are suggestions, really), but not enough to regret ‘cos this is amazing, THANK YOU

Gau and Raikou, regarding how Raikou's next hair color after pink (since he had green before that)


"Raikou-san, no, that jacket was outlandish enough with the pink but please don’t wear gold with electric blue."

My first thought is literally “Gau, that matches Raikou, tho.”

bless this drabble, and bless Raikou’s bad style choices

Okay, tonight I need to finish Camp NaNo. Then, starting as soon as possible, begin editing several stories. That includes posting some up here.

For commissions, I need to get that headrest pillow for my mom, butterfly and Gengar keychains for someone else, and a maid’s headdress for another person.

I also need to make several baby hats and time myself on how long they take so I can properly set a base price for the shop, and then the shop owner and decide how much they want from there, and then hopefully I can sell those at their shop.

I also have lots of gifts to finish, and I need to transplant some of my indoor plants soon, because a few of them are getting too large for their pots. Oh, and there’s cleaning.

Annnd I meant to look into other means of employment, since I really want to move out, and when I do, I must have a dog for several reasons. (They put my mind at ease, I’m used to having dogs around, I need a walking buddy, and Augustus and Holly like dogs, and I also like taking care of dogs. They’re fun to brush and play with, dangit.)