Describing my character, Naasah Joel, from The Will of the Whispering, and his profession: “He’s kind of like a spy meets mobile soup kitchen.”

There is a place in Xillia 2 in the town of Drellin that’s called “Auberge” - one letter short of a planet I named “Aubergne” in Planetary Boundaries. Hmph. (I almost named it Auvergne, but I believe that’s a province in France, so I decided against it and stuck with Aubergne, which is what I’d originally chosen.)

Elize, 12

I cannot put into words how badly I would like to have a dog. And it feels like I’m never going to get one at this point.

I'm on mobile but pleASE I FORMALLY REQUEST A SNAPCHAT. Maybe just one on Jude's timeline???

Thank you, Miharu. For not asking me anything about me, yet staying by my side. For looking at me even when there was no reason to. For never letting go of my hand.

me: *whenever I think up a sad headcanon* oh boy i can't wait to destroy my friends with this




I put Perdition back up for sale. Will be working out everything to make it available on kindle soon.

Since I don’t have any way of signing electronically and don’t have a decent printer at the moment, I haven’t set up anything for kindle yet, but it is available in physical form! Any signal boosting would be appreciated, and buying, too! (:

And thank you to anyone who has done one or both of those things!

I guess I’ll signal boost this, ‘cos…IDK. It’s about an asexual Incubus who is not good at being an Incubus for the obvious reasons. He’s not good at the “my entire existence is sex” part.

And he likes peanuts and rabbits and his musician boyfriend.

Hell is also kind of cold and you take an elevator up to Heaven.

Tales of Xillia 2 + Playable Characters

I haven’t been crocheting, but hopefully next week I can start getting more done. I bought a couple of new yarns to try out, one is a beautiful robin’s egg color. O:

(I’m mostly just having trouble with my arm/shoulder as usual. It’s getting too painful to crochet most days. Annnd Xillia 2 came out. So double the procrastination?)

Alvin and Jude ramblings and headcanons

Expect spoilers beyond this point, and be aware that I have only played the first game (both sides - Jude’s side twice) and part of the second game. So there are things that I might stand corrected on, as I find out more about these two…

I’m a bit nervous to share this, even though I’m open to conversation/insight. Partially ‘cos I figure I’ve got some things wrong, or I’m afraid someone won’t like what I have to say. I wasn’t an Alvin x Jude fan originally, but now I can think of nothing else but these two lately.

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I just typed up like maybe 5000 words on my feelings about Alvin and Jude and why I went from not liking that pairing to them being one of my absolute favourite pairings ever, and all my stupid headcanons for them including what kind of domestic lives they lead and what kind of underwear they wear


unfinished sketch by Yuhki Kamatani
Official Guide Al Fine


unfinished sketch by Yuhki Kamatani
Official Guide Al Fine